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logo design london
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BWR Home Improvements are a business offering a range of home improvements ranging from tiling to plastering. The logo consists of a home symbol created from two arrows to represent the improvements they provide. It was important to create an approachable and positive identity to build trust with potential clientelle. The rounded symbol and round cornered typeface used sets a friendly and upbeat style to carry their company name and message. A gradiant between light and dark green is implimented thoughout the identity as it is friendly, approachable and has positive connotations. The logo design is used throughout the identity as a graphic representation, made from the tools that BWR use on a day to day basis. This magnifies the multi-disciplinary company they run and visually supports the list of services on their business card and vehicle graphic. BWR

Completed whilst working as BoyEnjoys.


Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Stationary Design, Branded Uniforms, Vehicle Graphics